The usage of Hand Sanitizers has been increasing due to this viral pandemic

The usage of Hand Sanitizers has been increasing due to this viral pandemic

Asian woman hand using wash hand sanitizer gel dispenser automatic machine for prevent Coronavirus

Hand sanitizers is the liquid that you may use to remove pathogens by rubbing/applying it on hand. It is also famous as hand rub or hand antiseptic. They are usually in the form of liquid, gel, or foam. People usually use them when soap and water are not available for hand wash purposes.

Moreover, these hand sanitizers are present at various places from schools, restaurants, daycare centers, and offices. In times of Covid-19, the use of hand sanitizers is increasing more with time than previous times. Due to the pandemic, the majority of the people are coming across the importance of hand sanitizers in their daily life.  People are keeping hand sanitizers with them while going to public places as well.

Types of Hand Sanitizers:

      There are two types of hand sanitizers depending on the most active ingredient used in making hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are classified as:

  1. Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers.
  2. Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizers.

Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers:

              Mostly alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain between 45 and 95% of alcohol, present in the form of n-propanol, ethanol, and isopropanol. Depending upon the concentrations, alcohol immediately neutralizes certain microorganisms.

Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer:

              Alcohol-free hand sanitizers are usually based on antimicrobial agents, such as triclosan, or disinfectants, such as Benzalkonium Chloride (BAC). The activity of both the antimicrobial agents and disinfectants is persistent. Many hand sanitizers also contain glycerin that soothes the skin and makes it softer.

Effectiveness of hand sanitizers:

Thus, the effectiveness of hand sanitizer does not depend on a single factor; it depends on multiple factors that may include duration, use, quantity, exposure time. If alcohol-based hand sanitizers are rubbed thoroughly for 30 seconds, it reduces the risk of bacterial, fungal, and viral infections. Similar results have been found on using alcohol-free hand sanitizers.

However, a few hand sanitizers are relatively less effective against bacterial infections.

Importance of Hand Sanitizers:

          Hand sanitizers are holding huge importance in this pandemic time where everyone is keeping one with them to prevent themselves from Covid-19 and many other infectious diseases. Covid-19 has made its position more significant. From schools, offices, café, restaurants to public parks, hand sanitizers are necessary to keep.

When to use Hand Sanitizers?

You should use hand sanitizers before going and entering any public place, park, schools, restaurants, daycare centers, and offices. An extra care is required while meeting with people especially, the suspected ones (with the virus). But you need to understand that hand sanitizer is not an effective replacement for soap and water. You should use soap and water whenever you find it around you.

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers:

The device/gadget used to control the amount of sanitizing liquid or gel for immediate use is known as a hand sanitizer dispenser. The hand sanitizer dispenser near me is usually table-mounted or wall-mounted, where it can be easily accessible to people. The demand for hand sanitizer dispensers has surged during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Throughout the day, we meet people, shake our hands, open doors, and much more activities we usually do. These activities are the reason for direct exposure to germs and harmful bacteria. Various researches have shown most of the illnesses, and almost 80% of the infections are transmitted by using hands.

As hands are a major source for transmission of various bacteria and viruses, hand sanitizer dispensers are necessary to prevent the transmission of various microorganisms.  Hand sanitizer dispensers are being used in every school, restaurant, office and so many other public places.

Hand sanitizer dispensers should be kept at workplaces to have a healthy and happy environment. In order to keep your company healthy and happy, it’s important to ensure your employees have access to the hand sanitizer dispensers to have a hygienic and well maintained environment.

Types of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers:

           There are two types of hand sanitizers dispensers:

  1. Hand Sanitizer Pump Dispenser
  2. Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

Hand Sanitizer Pump Dispenser:

Sanitizers in pump dispensers are applied by squirting the liquid when we press the pump of the dispenser with our hands. The act of pressing the pump of the dispenser for sanitizing leaves too many bacteria and other harmful microorganisms on the dispenser.

It increases the risk of viral infections. These hand sanitizer pump dispensers are costly. They are mostly found in malls, restaurants and cafeterias. As many people press the pump handle in different proportions, it is difficult to predict the amount the sanitizer used. For this specific reason, it does not help in preventing the spread of viruses.

To lower the spread of virus through hand sanitizer dispensers, people came up with more advanced technology by inventing touchless hand sanitizer dispensers.

Touchfree Hand Sanitizer:

In order to prevent the spread of viruses by using hand sanitizer pump dispensers, touch-free hand sanitizer dispensers have been made. This has made the use of sanitizer easier. With this touch-free hand sanitizer dispenser near me, the use of hand sanitizer has been made more convenient.

The touchless hand sanitizer squirts a certain amount of sanitizer every time, making it easy to calculate the quantity of used sanitizer and manages refills. It is economical and eco-friendly as it decreases waste emissions.

Benefits of Touch Free Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:

Touch Free hand sanitizer is better than pump hand sanitizer dispenser in many ways. One of the major benefits is that: it sanitizes. It aims to reduce the risk of transmission of various bacteria and viruses. As various colonies of bacteria remain behind while using hand pump sanitizer dispensers. However, this touch free hand sanitizer dispenser can significantly reduce this effect. 

It is economical, easy to use and you can easily carry it anywhere. Between60 to 95% alcohol is present in sanitizers due to which it kills 99.9% germs and keeps you away from illness. Apart from the dispenser, some sanitizers give your hands a softer look and even make your hands more beautiful.

Final Word

The automatic hand sanitizer dispensers are contributing to contactless hand disinfection devices. The touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is famous as the silent victory and disease prevention strategy in this modern era especially when the pandemic of Covid-19 is leaving a huge impact on the lives of people.