Easy Recipes that take less than an Hour

Easy Recipes that take less than an Hour


The biggest fear in summers is to go in kitchen and cook in such a hot weather. Due to a prolong summer break you have to attend a number of guests too. the main feast is quite typical and prepared but deciding dessert and some light range of salads for dinner is a difficult task .feast tables are always incomplete without a good dessert and side dishes like salads. Here are some of the easy recipes that you can prepare in less than an hour and are super easy . So lets beat the heat with theses easy recipes.

Salads & Desserts

Potato Creamy Salad

Potato creamy salad is one of the easy recipes that you can prepare for any meal. It is super light and yummy. Ingredients :

All you need is some boiled potatoes cut in round slices, fresh cream , green onions , mustard sauce , mayonese , tomato ketchup , black pepper and salt.

easy recipes potato creamy salad

Method :

Take a bowl add mayo , cream , seasonings , potatoes , mustard sauce , ketchup and mix well. Now add the chopped green part of the green onions. Dish it out in a glass platter and garnish it with fresh coriander. Place it in fridge and serve when cooled. You can also add papri on the top to give it a crunchy look and taste. Papri can be added when the salad is about to serve. Do not add papri before serving to avoid soaking.

Mexican Salad

Ingredients :

All you need is a medium sized iceberg , some tomatoes in cube form , mangoes in cubes ,

apples , cucumber , onions , chicken chunks , peaches , sweet corns , thousand island dressing or any other American garden dressing.

Method :

All the fruits and veggies must be cut in the form of cubes, the iceberg is roughly chopped. You can use any seasonal fruits of your chice. Grapes will also give a nice flavor and color to the salad you can add that too. take a large presentable bowl add all the fruits add a spoon full of dressing and mix well. Here is the easy and healthy salad done. You can east it alone when you are not in mood of having proper lunch or dinner. You can prepare this salad for hi tea party too.

Rainbow Chiller Dessert

It is Very clear from the name that rainbow chiller is all about colors and of the easy recipes you can make in quick time.

Ingredients :

Prepare jelly of three different flavors and make them chill before starting the recipe. I prefer orange , strawberry and green jelly . cut all the seasonal fruits you have at your home, I prefer adding mangoes, bananas and apples. Chill two packs of cream and some yogurt. Nuts for garnishing .

Method :

Beat the chilled cream in a soft form add some sugar in it. now add all the fruits you have cut

and set aside mix well now add 2 spoons full of yogurt and mix again. Take a glass dish add the fruit and cream mixture in it. let the mixture cool and set for some time . now add jelly cubes of all three colors on top and serve when chilled .

Super Easy Recipes cocktail Dessert

This easy recipes cocktail dessert is best for summers and delicious. Ingredients:

2 packs of cream , crushed candy biscuits and mix fruit cocktail. Yes this dessert can be prepared just by three ingredients.

Method :

Beat cream until soft peaks are formed add some syrup of mix fruit cocktail to give a sweetened flavor and set aside. Now add a layer of crushed candy biscuits and add some cyrup on biscuits too and place it in the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes. Now add the mix fruits on the biscuits layers

along with a layer of cream . now repeat the layers of cream and fruits. Now at the end add some crushed biscuits on top and garnish it with the left over fruits and serve when chilled.

Easy Recipes Ice Cream & Banana Dessert


Cake rusk , praline ice cream , bananas and some dry fruit or nuts of your choice. Method:

Place a layer of cake rusk in  a dish now add praline ice cream layer on it. Even the layer with the help of a spatula. Now add bananas on ice cream layer. Repear the layers of cake rusk and ice cream and fruit. On the top add some nuts and let the dessert cool. Serve when chilled.

No bake Fudge Brownie & Ice cream


2 eggs

¼ cup Milk

¼ cup oil

1/3 cup sugar

1/3 cup flour

¼ cup coco powder 1 tsp baking powder

4 drops of vanilla extract Method:

Take a large bowl, add 2 eggs and beat with the help of electric beater. Beat until eggs are formed in a soft sponge. Now add sugar and beat well until sugar is completely mixed with eggs. Now

add the liquids mil and oil and mix well until all the ingredients are mixed. Now add dry indredients flour and coco powder and beat until a cake mixture is formed. Now add vanilla extract and baking powder and mix well.

Take a glass dish grease it . you can use butter paper too if it is not available you can simply grease the dish with cooking oil and place the chocolate brownie mixture in it. now heat it in the microwave for 7 to 8 minutes . take the brownie out and let it cool. Now garnish it with a layer of choco;ate syrup or any other sweet sauce of your own choice and cut them in large blocks. Serve it with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce and enjoy.

You can serve this without ice cream with tea and coffee too. in that case you can add simple

chocolate syrup and some crushed nuts on the top. This is the recipe I follow regularly and it is super easy and authentic recipe without the hustle bustle of baking oven .