The Origin and History of Best Cooked Ham

The Origin and History of Best Cooked Ham


The history of ham goes back a long time. When there were no refrigerators or air conditioners, people started storing and preserving best cooked ham legs by using different preserving methods such as drying, curing, and smoking. There was a practice of ‘salting the hams.’ People say that Chinese people mainly started this tradition of ham preserving and salting. Some credit it to the Gaul’s.

The preserving of ham requires specific conditions, and when you are storing ham, it has to be not so cold to freeze the ham and also not too warm. So, the geographical location plays a very important role in the preservation of ham and. And hence, it originates from the places that compliment the preservation of ham. Italy, Spain, and America are known for the hams. Kentucky and Virginia are also on the part that we call the ham belt. These places are famous for the hams and their origin.

With the progress in technology, climate control, and modern methods, we can now have ham in any part of the world. Although the origin of ham still has the finest and most expensive ham in the world. Some of them still use ancient recipes to make the best-cooked ham.

Consumption of Ham:

Ham is one of the most consumed forms of pork around the world. An average show that Americans eat 193 sandwiches in a year, and most of them are ham. There is a process of curing and drying ham. The curing process begins by rubbing the hams with salt and spices, sugar, and nitrates. They prepare Italian and Spanish hams with pure salt and do not add any nitrates or nitrites. You can also find some nitrate-free American hams in America.

The addition of nitrates in the ham gives it a pink color and brings out the flavors. In ancient times, they used it as a meat tenderizer. Nitrates make it tender in less amount of time and also give some antimicrobial benefits.

Although meat naturally contains a small number of nitrates which gives it the natural color of the meat. The older the ham is, the fewer nitrates you have to add. Sometimes Americans use salt, brown, and white sugar. The sugar serves to balance the harshness of salt. Sometimes red pepper and black pepper are also added. This helps the flavor of the meat and keeps the micro-organisms and bugs from the meat. There are special modern machines that rub the salt and cure the meat.

Hams have a rich history that dates back a very long time.

Fun Ham Facts:

Almost all the countries of the world produce hams. The best hams are found in, country, Kentucky, Virginia, Parma, Westphalian, canned, Bohemia, Serrano, Present, Bradenham, Estremadura, Priska sinks, and Zynga.

Some ham experts prefer that they make ham from the left leg of the pig. They believe that the left leg is more tender than the right leg. This belief is based on the fact that pigs scratch themselves with the right leg. This makes the muscles of the right leg stiffer and harder.

Pigs are not native to America. Hernando de Soto first brought 13 pigs to the new world.

Chicago artist Dwight Kalb made a statue of Madonna from 180 pounds of ham

Different Types of Ham:

If you are purchasing hams, there are many options and a variety. You get smoked ham, processed ham. Sometimes they cure the ham in wet brine, heat, and cook it thoroughly. Sometimes they add smoke while cooking the ham. This type of ham is also called city hams. They are sold bone-in and boneless. Whole hams are the entire back leg portion of the ham.

Fresh hams are also available whole or half. They usually do not cure or smoke the hams.

Country hams are another option. It is available online or at special ham stores. They are salted and cured with a dry brine.

Whole hams are also available, and they can break them and sell them as half hams. If you want half ham, you can either get butt or shank the end of the leg. The butt has more meat on it, but sometimes it is difficult to carve.

Ham Preparation:

Preparing a ham is something that needs some practice and learning; you need to have the right equipment, and also, you need to know how to do it. A heavy-duty roasting pan, thermometer, and other details are important if you are aiming for the best-cooked ham.

Most of the hams best-cooked ham come fairly trimmed, so you don’t have to do anything to the meat. If you think that there is some need, you can use a sharp knife to cut the fat. This will help penetrate the flavor and spices in the lamb. You need to add the least amount of water to the pan before putting it in the oven.

Most of the hams come fully cooked, and you don’t have to cook them. You can just reheat them and enjoy them.


Hams are one of the most popular and readily available foods in most parts of the world. Ham sandwiches are one of the most popular sandwich options in America. People enjoy ham best-cooked ham in various forms. It can make for fast food as well as a fancy dinner. There are so many forms of ham. You can choose whatever and however, you want it.

Authors bio:

Lana Rose is a well-known artisan and head chef at a restaurant that serves ham in various forms. She has a passion for cooking and a history as a professional chef. She believes that cooking best-cooked ham food is an art.